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Thanks so much for reading my blog - I don't advertise very much and am blown away with how many of you tune in. Also, my stories! Y'all show so much love and I'm certainly going to do more polls for 2018.

Speaking on that. I know I said things were going to be more chill however I was just promoted to CEO and now, I am also part of the board of directors. Such an honour. At first, I wasn't even sure what it all meant. I mean, I understand what a CEO role is but I had no clue what being part of the board of directors meant.

It was such a surreal moment. I was incredibly honoured and then, I said what does this mean to which my boss laughed it off and began explaining it to me.

We have such exciting goals in place for 2018. More on that as we can announce! All of this to say, I am incredibly honoured and excited for this new chapter in life.

I'm finally ready to tell you what happen over the fall.

I had a hard loss in September. We found out we were pregnant in Augu…

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